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Since the year 2000, the technology has entered a full rise, which has led to a growing demand for those who have proved skilled in this field.

Workshops for your kid

Ages between 14 and 17 years
Image by Iker Urteaga

Game Design

Even we, as adults, love to look for ways to give life to our ideas. In the "Game Design" course, your child will learn to structure his thinking and solve problems by developing what he loves: video games.


Very easily, playing will be replaced by a passion that can bring him a future in the video game industry, as a developer. The course is based on 4 pillars:


HOW does he plan to develop a game?

What tools does it use for development?

WHEN are these tools used?

WHY types of problems can be encountered?


RECOMMENDED AGE: min. 15 years



Programming Console


Does your child have a lot of ideas that they would like to turn into 2D or even 3D games? Or maybe he wants to find out how his favorite games were developed? Not that it could be better.


In the "Unity" course he will be able to fix his basic notions of programming in the C # language, and at the end he will have a small project developed. The Unity editor will be learned from zero, so there is no need for prior knowledge.


RECOMMENDED AGE: min 14 years

Astronaut with Surreal Background


On a scale from 1 to Fortnite how much does your youngster play? You've probably heard him mention it or even playing this game. Fortnite and many other famous games have been developed in the Unreal engine. Your child will definitely want to find out how he or she can replicate a successful game.


Unreal suits him if he wants to make a fast game, without programming knowledge, in C ++ language.


RECOMMENDED AGE: min 14 years

Image by Pankaj Patel

C ++ applied in Unreal

In this course, your child will acquire basic knowledge about the C ++ programming language by working on more and more advanced topics.

Towards the end we will make the transition to the Unreal game editor and we will adapt the knowledge accumulated in the C ++ language to the editor. We will focus strictly on practical things to give the best possible context to the things that will be learned.

At the end of the course you will have developed your own game mechanics. (such as manipulating a cube, jumping or even collecting items)

RECOMMENDED AGE: min. 16 years

You definitely have questions for us. We encourage you to contact us because this way you will find out how we can contribute to the development of your child.




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