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3D Modeling Course

Whether we are talking about superhero movies, PC games, console or mobile, the standard of graphic quality has increased a lot in recent years due to the fast technological advance. If you want to master 3D modeling, you've come to the right place. It is the ideal course for you if you come to terms with some technical notions, but especially if you are passionate about the visual and artistic area.


What you will learn:

Chapter 1: Introduction to 3DS Max

  • Configuring 3ds Max
  • Working with Standards
  • Maximizing the Workspace
  • Managing Workspaces
  • Understanding Object Interaction
  • Using Undo and Redo

Chapter 2: Modeling and primitives

  • Shapes
  • Splines
  • Vertex
  • Object Types
  • Compound Objects
  • Using Shape Merge
  • Merging Objects
  • Examining Modifiers and the Modifier Stack
  • Learning About Object Space Modifiers
  • Editing 2D Shapes
  • Working, stacking and editing Modifiers
  • Understanding Object Painting
  • Working with Containers


Chapter 3: Materials and textures

  • Understanding the 3ds Max Material Editors
  • Working with the Standard Material
  • Adjusting Shaders
  • Simulating Geometry
  • Working with UVW Unwrap
  • Discovering the Multi / Sub-Object Material
  • Understanding Blend Materials and Masks
  • Using a Blend Material
  • Working with Substance Textures
  • Working with Vector Graphics


Chapter 4: Rooms and lighting

  • Standard Lights versus Photometric Lights
  • Discovering Daylight
  • Adjusting the Physical Sky
  • Understanding Photometric Lights
  • Understanding Indirect Light
  • Calculating Indirect Illumination
  • Configuring Interior Night Lighting
  • Understanding Image-Based Lighting
  • Understanding the Camera
  • Discovering Traditional Camera Shots
  • Identifying Effective Camera Distance
  • Adding Depth of Field to Control Focus
  • Understanding Camera Angles
  • Implementing the Rule of Thirds
  • Working with the Physical Camera


Chapter 5: Rendering

  • Introducing Rendering
  • Rendering Still Images
  • Rendering Animations
  • Rendering Sequential Images


Examination to verify the acquired knowledge

Career counseling, CV, portfolio and presence in a job interview

3D Modeling Course

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Game Design
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lei1,750.00monthly/ 4 months
  • Group 1 *: March 15, 2021 - July 20, 2021

    Group 2: September 1, 2021 - December 20, 2021

    * Currently the courses take place only in Live-Online format!

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